dedicated to continuous improvement

Since its founding in 1936, Peterson has built a foundation on exceeding customer expectations. In June of 2004, Peterson launched Quest for Success, an initiative to continuously improve business practices and processes. The goal is to objectively and consistently evaluate, analyze, and improve business practices in order to enhance customer and employee satisfaction, market share, and profitability. Our customers show a commitment to Peterson with every order they place, and we want to show our appreciation by continuously improving our business practices.

At Peterson, Quest for Success refers to our overall strategy to improve growth and productivity as well as a measurement of quality. We have very knowledgeable people working on cross-functional teams, generating world-class results. Our teams consist of employees from every level of the organization focused on improving processes to satisfy customers. Many improvements are "bottom-up" suggestions; engaging employees at all levels of the business.

Several tools are used in our Quest for Success. One tool, developed by Motorola and used successfully by organizations worldwide such as GE, UPS, NASA, and Caterpillar, is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a flexible, yet disciplined, fact-based system of continuous improvement and in statistics, translates to 3.4 defects per million.

Quest For Success Mission Statement
The Peterson Quest for Success Team was formed as a catalyst for continuous improvement and aims to cultivate an environment for change, growth, and profitability. Relying on facts and data helps drive sustainable solutions as the Quest for Success Team strives for a better Peterson. Projects harness the unique skills, strong work ethic, and constructive attitude of Peterson employees thereby improving core processes and the quality of our customer service. Our target is to strengthen Peterson from the inside in order to grow and maintain success in the future.

Meet the Team!

Erin Sorgel
Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services


Kimie Pellizzaro
Senior Financial Analyst


Doug Pleskac
Six Sigma Black Belt

Stephanie Bedessie
Six Sigma Black Belt

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