The Peterson Strategy is centered on our company’s most important asset: our customers. From the core values that form the base of our strategy to the vision that motivates our performance, every aspect of Peterson is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service.

Vision Statement
"We Will Be Our Customers' First Choice."

Mission Statement
"Peterson partners with our customers in building the future. We put our customers first and continually strengthen our partnerships through hard work, ingenuity and determination. We provide a family oriented environment that promotes safety, personal growth and professional achievement. Our people commit themselves to exceed the expectations of the customer, Peterson and each other. We will remain true to our values and set standards of excellence in everything we do."

Core Values
Customer First – The reason we exist
Integrity – We do what we say!
Excellence – Best in all we do!
Teamwork – Together we do what we couldn’t do alone!
Fun – We enjoy what we do!

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