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A Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to reduce emissions of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. This solution can be used to bring a range of diesel engines into regulatory compliance.

How it works:
A series of alternately blocked channels forces exhaust gasses to flow through the channel walls, where particulates are physically captured and chemical reactions occur. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are primarily converted into carbon dioxide and water.

Backpressure is maintained through a process of passive regeneration that automatically removes excess particulate matter.

What it does:

  • Particulate matter reduction greater than 85 percent
  • Carbon monoxide reduction greater than 85 percent
  • Hydrocarbon reduction greater than 85 percent
  • Diagnostic module for continuous backpressure and exhaust temperature monitoring
  • Warning indicators and data storage for system protection

Contact Grant Stickney, Peterson's Emissions Solutions Representative, at 510.376.4374 (cell) with all your questions. Grant is dedicated to helping our customers manage the developing challenges of emissions regulations.