to meet your business's needs

Peterson works closely with Cat Financial and Cat Commerical Account to bring you a large variety of buying options that fit the goals of your company. We offer quick and easy financing, with customized payment plans and competitive rates. Flexible rates and options allow you to purchase the equipment you want and get it to the job site fast.

To apply for credit through Cat Financial:


The number one reason to finance is to save your company capital buying power, money can be scarce and using any of several financial plans will help your company free up money that they would otherwise spend on an outright purchase of the equipment. Using a payment installment plan to buy, lease or rent equipment will spread out and help manage the cost.


Installment Sale Contract

  • Benefits of immediate ownership but allows you to pay over an extended period of time
  • Lowest cost choice and you get to claim the tax benefits of owning the equipment
  • Available for new and used equipment


  • Use the equipment for a long term rental and keep the option to purchase at the end of the lease
  • CAT Financial offers several different leasing options to fit the needs of your company, from long term rental options to a fair market value buy out
  • Leasing encourages a more orderly planned equipment replacement cycle, before maintenance costs become excessive
  • Easier to gain approval for and frees borrowing power and capital
  • Simplifies budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting because of the reduction in paperwork and administrative requirements
  • Leases are available with service and maintenance


  • Similar to leasing but more flexibility in the timeframe. Ability to rent from one day to over a year
  • Maintenance cost is included in the rental
  • Inexpensive means to test equipment without a long term commitment before choosing to purchase