Ever wondered what Cat BCP (building construction products) compact machinery include? Look no further. We have broken it out for you here.


Skid Steer Loaders

Ease of Operation

Cat skid steer loaders are designed and built for maximum performance and safety. A sealed and pressurized cab option not only provides a clean and quiet operating environment, but also excellent visibility to the work tool. 


  • Electronic torque management system
  • High-back, heated, air-ride seats with seat-mounted, adjustable joystick controls
  • High-flow, high-pressure hydraulic systems for the most rugged attachments
  • Sealed and pressurized cabs


Compact Track Loaders

Power and Precise Handling

High-performance power train provides maximum production capability through the electronic torque management system, standard two-speed travel and an industry-exclusive hand/foot throttle with decel pedal capability. High-flow XPS hydraulic system is available for applications that demand maximum work tool performance. Maximize machine capability and control with optional advance display providing on-screen adjustments for implement response, hystat response and creep control.


  • Standard, fully independent torsion axle suspension and speed sensitive ride control
  • Intelligent leveling system and optional positioning capabilities
  • Sealed and pressurized cabs
  • High-back, heated, air-ride seats with seat-mounted, adjustable joystick controls
  • Bar-style rubber track tread option for extra traction while operating in the snow


Mini Hydraulic Excavators

Greater Choice for Greater Productivity

Cat mini excavators are designed for operator comfort, convenience, safety and affordability to maximize performance, versatility, and efficient production on various jobsites. Featuring heavy-duty main structures, fuel-efficient engines, load-sensing hydraulics, spacious operator compartments, and the industry-exclusive Cat stick-steer system.


  • Auto idle, auto two-speed and a load-sensing variable pump optimize fuel efficiency
  • Swing, fixed and variable-angle boom options and compactor standard-radius tail
  • Quiet, spacious cabs and smooth controls with integrated auxiliary and swing-boom functions
  • Additional access for major service via the tilt-up canopy/cab available on select machines
  • Cab air-conditioning on select machines
  • Joystick travel (stick-steer) on select machines
  • Bluetooth monitors on select machines
  • Standard dedicated auxiliary pump on select models


Backhoe Loaders

Power and Precise Handling

Cat backhoe loaders provider superior digging, trenching, backfilling and material handling capability for greater productivity in many applications and jobsites. Cat backhoes deliver the power and precision handling when operating in tight spaces. Because of their small frame size and versatility, Cat backhoe loaders can dramatically improve productivity and lower your machine operating costs.


  • Load-sensing hydraulic systems
  • Selectable power management modes
  • Integrated toolcarrier
  • Air-suspension seat and ergonomic controls
  • Travel speeds up to 25 mph


Wheel Loaders

Improved Fuel Economy

Cat wheel loaders deliver high-performance, versatility and precision in any application.An electro-hydraulic system provides low-effort, fine control with fast cycle times. An all-in-one joystick helps keep eyes focused on the work. Machine responsiveness can be adjusted witht he push of a button, which enables operators to set up the machine exactly the way they want it based on the application.


  • Built-in breakout force, fast cycle times and dependable performance
  • Spacious cabs with joystick controls for visibility and operator comfort
  • Support multiple attachments and usage
  • Comfortable ride and material retention over rough terrain

Compact Wheel Loaders

  • Optional ride-control system

Small Wheel Loaders

  • Optimized performance series buckets
  • Optimized, parallel-lift Z-bar loader combines power digging ability with toolcarrier capabilities



Leading Lift and Reach

Cat telehandlers take the lead in lift and reach capability for meeting varying needs of the construction and agricultural industries. Comprehensive range of standard features and optional equipment.


  • Wide range of lift capabilities and lift heights
  • Spacious cab and suspension seat for operator comfort
  • Three steering modes for improved maneuverability over any terrain
  • Single-lever joystick


Wheel Excavators

Move Quickly from Job to Job

Cat wheel excavators have the mobility, speed, power and reliability to be the most versatile machines in any fleet, enabling you to complete more jobs in less time using fewer machines. Quick to move from job to job, eliminating the need for costly additional transportation. Flexible configurations with various booms/sticks, tires and undercarriages.


  • Versatile and mobile
  • Move quickly from job to job to reduce equipment transport costs
  • Standard tool control system
  • Visibility to front, both sides, and upward



Optimize Speed and Productivity

Cat crawler dozers are ideal for residential construction, performing tasks as as clearing, grading lots, sloping the sides of the roads, backfilling, and final-grade work for landscaping and driveway construction.


Small Dozer

  • Stable blade feature complements operator blade control input
  • Eco mode delivers extra savings on fuel
  • Optional blade power pitch
  • Optional heated and ventilated air-suspension and heated control
  • Slope assist

Medium Dozer

  • Diesel-electric technology on select machines
  • Foldable blade design on select machines


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