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Parts.Cat.Com is your place to shop online for all the genuine Cat parts that you need, all in one place. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are several ways to get training:
No. You have the option to purchase as a guest. If you do so, just keep in mind that there will be no way to look into your order history, other than knowing specific document/invoice numbers.
As long as the parts were in stock, you will need to place the orders roughly half an hour prior to the desired store closing.
Yes. We can set up multiple users with individual log ins. Each individual user must have their own login. This can also help with organization of who ordered what parts.
Under the sign in screen, there is a blue option to click for “forgot my username” and also “forgot my password” that will have you enter in the designated email address used for your account. You will then be sent a reminder, and/or the option to reset your password.
Yes, you can have one person in your company act as the purchasing manager and approve all orders before they are transmitted to us. There is also an option to just be notified via email that different users are placing orders.
Yes, you can earn special rebates with the Cat Card. We also accept Visa and Mastercard.
There are multiple reasons for parts availability to say “Contact Dealer.” We suggest in those instances that you call the parts counter to find out the actual availability. That part might need to be ordered from out of region, a made to order part, or it potentially superseded away from an assembly and now will require individual parts to be selected.