Cat Starters and Alternators ensure your equipment starts fast and finishes strong every day, in any environment. Built to best-in-class Caterpillar OEM specs, and available in the largest selection on the market today, Cat Starters and Alternators optimize machine performance for the full equipment lifecycle. Count on them to start your Cat machine in the most extreme conditions and keep it operating in the harshest climates, bitter cold to blazing heat, resulting in lower cost and higher productivity.

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Cat Starters

Warning Signs

Watch for these common repair indicators

  • Grinding noise when the ignition key is turned
  • Engine cranks too slowly to start
  • Starter keeps running
  • Starter spins, but engine will not crank
  • Starter does not engage/disengage properly


Elements of the Starter Replacement Kit

Recommended Parts List

  • Starter

Recommended Tooling List

  • No specialized tools required

Additional Options

  • Battery replacement
  • Alternator replacement

Repair Instructions

Service Documentation


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