Getting wood to the mill is only half the battle. Peterson also provides a full range of solutions for sorting and stacking timber. And for chips, bark, and other bulk commodities, we offer machines and attachments designed for higher productivity and performance in challenging applications.


Millyard Loaders

Whether you’re unloading full truckloads of logs with a 988K or sorting with 938, 950, 966, 972, 980 or 982, you can count on Cat forestry spec loaders to deliver reliable performance day in, day out. Paired with Cat log handling attachments, these powerful machines represent a complete lineup of tools capable of fulfilling all your mill’s needs.

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Cat Millyard Loader


Woodchip Dozers

Making a mountain? You need a mountain of a machine, namely a Cat D7-D11 dozer fitted with a chip blade. For pushing power, operator comfort, and machine reliability, there is no comparison to a Cat machine!

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Cat Woodchip Dozer


Wheel Dozers and Loaders

Where Cat’s woodchip dozers leave off, our selection of wheel dozers and loaders pick up. Cat wheel dozers combine the strength and performance of the Cat wheel loader lineup with a large capacity blade/scoop capable of lifting dozens of yards of material at a time and positioning it on the pile.

Cat wheel loaders, including many of the models available for millyard usage, are the optimum solution for loading and transferring chips as well. Large capacity buckets, including high dump models, fill trailers with ease, or load conveyor systems and burners. Whatever the use, there’s a Cat forestry machine for the job!

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Cat Wheel Dozer


Custom Fabrication

Need an attachment specific for your application? Peterson’s custom fabrication department has you covered. Since 1936, our company has founded itself on the principle of building what couldn’t be bought before. Our team currently manufactures buckets for excavators, wheel loaders, and other machines, and we look forward to the opportunity of finding solutions to meet your business’s needs.

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Service managers looking at schematics


Machine Rebuilds

Knowing heavy equipment works in some of the toughest conditions on the planet, Caterpillar designed its products with the Built to Be Rebuilt philosophy in mind. This means every component on large machines (dozers, mining shovels, off road trucks, wheel loaders for example) is available for purchase independently, and the machines’ frames are strengthened to withstand the stresses of multiple lifecycles. Given the frame’s integrity at the end of a lifecycle, Peterson technicians disassemble the machine down to this bare frame, then rebuild components like hydraulic pumps and motors, diesel engines, and transmissions/torque converters. The parts are then added back to the machine in a process so high quality Caterpillar recognizes the machine as new from the factory and assigns a new serial number.

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