Utility Vehicles

Tired of carrying saws, chains, and tools around the forest? Toss them in the bed of a Cat UTV and drive to your destination in style. Offering a standard 2000-pound bed capacity, and 1000-pound tow capacity, Cat UTVs are available with either two or five seats, diesel or gas engines, and top speeds (with gas engines) up to 45 miles per hour. And for more protection from the elements, equip your Cat UTV with an enclosed cab and heater for comfort on the coldest mornings.

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 Cat UTV Forestry Application


Service Trucks

Let Peterson provide you the same quality service trucks we use to take the shop to our own customers’ front door. With the choice of International or Cummins engines and available four-wheel drive, International MV and Durastar service trucks are ready to climb any mountain and tackle the roughest roads. Purchase just the chassis from your local Peterson Trucks dealership or the whole package ready to be stocked with tools and supplies and deployed to the field.

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 International MV Service Truck