Clean-up Bucket 2000 mm (78 in)



The Cat® Clean-up Bucket combines the cleaning, grading and finishing abilitiies of a traditional ditch cleaning bucket with the truck loading ability of a general duty bucket. This hybrid bucket was created specifically for 336-390 excavators with a "TB" linkage and is the ideal choice for finish work in materials like dirt, loam and a loose mixture of dirt and fine gravel.
3.66 yd³
2.80 m³
78.00 in
2000.00 mm
Tooth Count
Tooth Style
Bolt-on Cutting Edge
4822.00 lb
2187.00 kg
Tooth Style
Bolt-on Cutting Edge
Tooth Count

Large Capacity

Clean-up Buckets are designed to quickly move large amounts of low abrasion material to make grading and finishing work easier than ever before.

Smooth Finish

Engineered to work where and how you need it, the shallow depth and straight cutting edge let you finish grade quickly and cleanly allowing you to get more done in less time.

Perfect Match

Use a bucket engineered with your machine to get the full power of your excavator for the best digging and grading results, while minimizing fuel burn.

Beyond the Bucket

Be confident no matter where your job takes you. The global network of Cat dealers is there with not only support and service for your tracked and wheeled excavators, but with the bucket replacement wear parts and cutting edges you may need as well. No other manufacturer can offer you the same.