Cat® Hammers for Skid Steer Loaders, Multi Terrain Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders are high performance breakers, designed for maximum performance on demolition, construction and road work.
Impact Energy Class
150.00 ft-lbf
203.00 J
Blows per Minute
Max. Rated Flow
6.60 gal/min
25.00 L/min
Min. Rated Flow
3.90 gal/min
15.00 L/min
Max. Operating Weight
154.00 lb
70.00 kg
Minimum Operating Weight
154.00 lb
70.00 kg
Maximum Operating Pressure
2393.00 psi
16500.00 kPa
Minimum Operating Pressure
1450.00 psi
10000.00 kPa
Maximum Carrier Weight
2430.00 lb
1102.00 kg
Minimum Carrier Weight
1760.00 lb
798.00 kg
Tool Diameter
1.42 in
36.00 mm
Impact Energy Class
125.00 ft·lbf
169.00 J
Blows per Minute
Maximum Operating Weight
154.00 lb
70.00 kg
Maximum Rated Flow
6.60 gal/min
25.00 l/min
Minimum Rated Flow
3.90 gal/min
15.00 l/min
Impact Frequency
1000-1900 bpm
Operating Weight - With Tool
154.00 lb
70.00 kg
Optimal Hydraulic Flow
15-25 lpm (4-7 gpm)
Tool Shaft Diameter
1.40 in
36.00 mm
Overall Width
9.00 in
220.00 mm
Overall Length
9.00 in
220.00 mm
Overall Height
31.00 in
781.00 mm
Height - Without Tool
23.00 in
574.00 mm


Used in a wide range of construction and light demolition applications - such as breaking concrete sidewalks and driveways, pavement, roads, masonry, site prep and landscaping, and breaking frozen ground for utility repairs.


Fully enclosed, silenced housing lowers overall noise level for a quieter, safer job site. Internal power cell is protected, designed and engineered to eliminate stress points.

Flat Top/Top-Mount Style

Flat top/top-mount style provides a larger work area and excellent operator visibility with a common footprint and hole pattern for optimum versatility. Top-mount style increases impact power by keeping breaker force and stick force in line. A top-mount bracket will transfer back significantly less recoil and bending stress into the end of the stick, resulting in reduced impact on machine structures. Full complement of mounting brackets is available to suite coupler or pin-on preference.

Auto Shut Off (ASO)

ASO instantly stops the piston when breaking through material, preventing blank firing, a key contributor to hammer wear. Internal stresses are reduced, hammer is protected regardless of operator skill level.

Integral Accumulator

Integral accumulator on H55Es/H65Es provides additional protection for the machine's hydraulic system.

Tri-Suspension System

Tri-Suspension system comprises the suspension jacket, the upper and lower buffers. Suspension aligns power cell and gives manageable, smooth peformance.

Standing Height Grease Point

Standing height grease point makes required maintenance comfortable and easy to perform.

Easy to Tune & Maintain

Gas ports and valves are easy to check and charge while hammer is mounted to machine.

Ports positioned for Hose protection

Improved routing protects against force and dirt during impact, eliminating downtime.

Hammer Tools

Tools are heat-treated, matched to piston diameter and provide optimum mass to deliver full blow energy.