Cat® Silage Defacers free and work loose compacted bunkers in order to transport and feed. The high tensile strength teeth pull and separate silage or haylage predictably and repeatedly. Using the defacer to rake the silage bunk limits oxygen from entering the silage and producing waste. The Silage defacer uses dual protected hydraulic motors to ensure optimal drum speed and productivity. Extended from the coupler the Silage Defacer optimizes operator visibility and reach to deface large bunkers.
Overall Width
96.50 in
2451.00 mm
1109.00 lb
503.00 kg
Required Hydraulics
Standard Flow
Overall Height
25.20 in
639.00 mm
Overall Depth
81.50 in
2070.00 mm
Required Hydraulic Flow
75-90 L/min (20-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure
138-230 bar (2000-3300 psi)
1108.90 lb
503.00 kg
Optimal Hydraulic Flow
75-90 L/min (20-23 gpm)


Used to free and loosen compacted bunkers in order to transport and feed.

Dual Inboard Hydraulic Motors

Dual inboard mounted hydraulic drive motors ensure stall free operation and protect the hydraulic components from damage.

Adjustable Roller Chain

Easily adjustable heavy duty roller chain maintains adequate tension of drum.

Tensile Strength Teeth

High tensile strength teeth arranged in a helical pattern help to blend silage and are extended across the width of the defacer drum.

Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy duty frame with up to six and a half feet of extension to reach the top of silage bunkers.

Serrated Steps

Serrated steps provide safe ingress and egress from machine cab.

Tool Mounted Operation and Maintenance Manual Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all of the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.