Power where and when you need it

Let us help you choose the portable generator that’s right for you. We have a range of power products that will let you run the appliances and tools you care about, for as long as you need to supply your own power.

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Running Power: 1800 Watts
Starting Power: 2250 Watts
Weight: 26 kg, 57.3 lbs



Running Power: 3600 Watts
Starting Power: 4500 Watts
Weight: 56 kg, 123.22 lbs OR/WA
Weight: 56 kg, 124.52 lbs CA

RP6500 E

RP6500 E

Running Power: 6500 Watts
Starting Power: 8125 Watts
Weight: 91 kg, 200.23 lbs OR/WA
Weight: 56 kg, 201.73 lbs CA

RP7500 E

RP7500 E

Running Power: 7500 Watts
Starting Power: 9375 Watts
Weight: 93 kg, 205.73 lbs OR/WA
Weight: 94 kg, 207.23 lbs CA

RP12000 E

RP12000 E

Running Power: 12000 Watts
Starting Power: 15000 Watts
Weight: 179 kg, 395 lbs OR/WA
Weight: 180 kg, 396 lbs CA