Increase Uptime with our free Valu-Gard inspections

We are going beyond your service call to inspect your machine and identify problems before they cause downtime.

How Does it Work?
Our Technician performs the Valu-Gard inspection by looking at the critical health points of your machine and documenting his findings on the Valu-Gard app. Once he hits the ‘complete’ button, the report is immediately sent to our team of Valu-Gard reps, who will contact you and inform you of what we found.

We can quickly put together a quote and, if you would like, perform the service in the shop or in the field to prevent the identified problem from turning into a repair that could leave you down on the job site.

Valu-Gard inspections are built to save you money and keep you working by addressing your repairs faster than ever before, proactively managing your equipment, reducing downtime, and lowering your operating costs—all at no additional cost to you!

Valu-Gard inspections are now available at these Peterson locations:

  • Oregon: Portland, The Dalles, Longview, North Bend, Salem, Eugene
  • California: San Leandro, Redding, Chico, Fortuna


Contact your Valu Gard Rep to learn more

John Nolte
Eugene, North Bend, Salem, Portland, The Dalles, Longview
541.891.8547 cell
541.465.8503 office

Rob Schofield
Redding, Chico, Fortuna, Medford, Klamath Falls, Redmond
530-519-3544 cell
530-247-7836 direct

Josh Carriaga
San Leandro, Santa Rosa
510.225.5702 cell
510.618.2281 office