Emissions Overview

Keeping compliant with local emissions laws can mean the difference between operating your business worry-free and dealing with costly fines, lost business, decreased profit margins, and even legal action. Peterson is committed to helping your fleet meet the latest regulations, and we offer a range of options to keep you in compliance.

Whether you need a completely new machine, want to rent a compliant unit for a project, or are interested in bringing your existing equipment up to the latest standards, we can help. Our in-house emissions expert, Grant Stickney, has years of experience helping customers like you with engine retrofit projects, and we have successfully brought machines as diverse as skidders, hydraulic shovels, and asphalt compactors up to modern emissions standards.

Peterson is also an authorized dealer for CAT, DCL, and ESW retrofit solutions, so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is in capable hands.

Contact Grant today for more information:

Grant Stickney