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Peterson’s Fluid Analysis Lab in Eugene, Oregon specializes in analyzing fluids from your equipment fleet and examining those fluids for common signs of component failure. For example, the occurrence of fine metal particles in hydraulic oil often indicates the breakdown of a hydraulic pump or another major component.  If these particles are detected early enough, service technicians can replace the pump and oil and prevent further damage to the entire hydraulic system.

Fluid Analysis does far more than discover component failures, though. It’s also the best way to gauge when to replace the fluids in your machine. Broken down oil, or oil containing contaminants such as water, could lead to overheating and excessive wear of important machine components, damage that can be prevented by keeping tabs on the condition of your fluids through our analysis.

Peterson is committed to your machine’s long-term reliability, and fluid analysis is just one of the ways our highly trained staff uses technology to deliver you a quality service experience.


Products and Information

SOS Products

Browse Peterson's list of available tests and services, and the tools required to get the job done.

Oil, Coolant Level I, and Fuel Level I Analysis

*SOS-1 (1-49 Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-1 w/Probe (Single Kit w/Probe)

*SOS-50 (50 SOS Pre-Packaged)

*SOS-TBN (1-49 Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-TBN (50+ Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-TAN (1-49 Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-TAN (50+ Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-TBNTAN (1-49 Single SOS Kits)

*SOS-TBNTAN (50+ Single SOS Kits)


Specialized Tests

*SOS-L1 Level I Fuel Test

*SOS-L2 Level II Fuel Test

*SOS-L3 Level III Fuel Test

*SOS-L4 Level IV Fuel Test

*SOS-PGE Electric Agency Test

*SOS-BIO BioBlend


*COOLANT-2 Level II Coolant

*FUEL-2 Level II Fuel

*SOS-CSA CSA Fuel Test


Tools and Supplies

*SOS-PUMP Sample Gun

1U8757 3/16" Tubing, 100' Roll

*SOS-PROBE Sample Probe

4C5084 Filter Cutter

1U7648 Tubing Cutter

8C3345 Live Valve, Size M10X1

8C3446 Live Valve, Size 7/16X20

9U5031 Oil Dye, Red

9U5032 Oil Dye, Blue

4C9301 Coolant Conditioner Test Kit

4C9297 Test Strips Refill Kit

197-0017 Brake Oil Anti-chatter, 1 qt.

1U9891 Hydraulic Oil Anti-chatter, 1 qt.


Part numbers marked with * are source 202; all others are Caterpillar Part Numbers. SOS 1, SOS-50, & SOS-1 w/PROBE can be used for Oil Analysis, Level I Fuel, or Level I Coolant. Prices listed are as of January 26, 2015 and are subject to change without notice.

Fluid Analysis Resources

Welcome to the Peterson Fluid Services Resource page. We have put together valuable resource material for your reference. Within this page you will find Caterpillar support materials, specification sheets, educational tools, and more.