Caterpillar is known for offering high quality, high performance and durability in every piece of equipment. Cat tires are no exception. Tires play a key role in productivity. They must be stable, yet agile; durable, yet economical. As one of the highest volume replacement parts of a machine, a tire's wear life directly affects operating costs and profitability.

Cat Flexport Tires are designed for operator comfort, engineered for endurance and build to last. Making tough durable tires that will last and maximize a machine's performance and proctivity demands extensive research and engineering expertise.

The innovative design of Flexport Tires accommodate the exceptionally harsh conditions encountered by wheel loaders and skid steer loaders. Flexport tires are designed for unimproved surfaces and the most severe applications.

Ideal applications for Cat Flexport tires include:

  • Building & Framing
  • Demolition
  • Hammering
  • Industrial & Waste
  • Landscaping
  • Loading
  • Pavement Profiling
  • Quarry Cleanup
  • Recycling
  • Scrap Yard
  • Transfer Station