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As a West Coast logger, you work in some of the most challenging conditions in the world: thankfully, Peterson has your back with the products you need to handle every part of the logging process, from first entry to extraction to landing to millyard.

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Tony Leonardo

Owner—Leonardo Logging

Dustin DeAtley

Owner—Mineral Creek Logging


Forestry Machines and Attachments by Application

Weiler feller bunchers deliver the power and stability you need to get trees cut safely, while Weiler’s new S-series skidder lineup and Peterson’s own TSK help you get logs to the landing regardless of terrain.

No selection of forestry excavators offers you more than Cat’s expanded 500 series. Led by the industry-standard 568FM, the 500 series of forest machines excels in a variety of logging applications from roadbuilder to processor, shovel logger, yoder, and log loader. And once you get to the millyard, trust Caterpillar M-series wheel loaders to get trucks unloaded and back to work in no time.

Peterson also offers Cat land management products including the rugged D3K2 mulcher and the nimble 299D3 XE. And Peterson is a supplier of a full lineup of forestry attachments including Pierce grapples, plus Satco and Logmax processing heads.



Special Services and Custom Fabrication

Need a machine for steep slope logging? Peterson’s Special Services division customizes feller bunchers for use with a cable assist system, and we offer customized boom and directional felling head packages from Satco for use in these challenging conditions.

Whatever your forestry needs, you can rely on the team at Peterson to deliver a machine that will work for you, and we’ll back that machine up with the product support and parts you need to keep running all season long!

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Forestry Products


Harvesting timber in the Western woods? Trust Peterson Cat for all your heavy equipment needs. From the latest Cat and Weiler products to our own, built-in-Oregon, Peterson TSK, we are your one-stop solution for all phases of the logging process.

Cat 500-series swing machines offer long-lasting performance, industry-leading reliability, and the rugged design you need to work thousands of hours in challenging conditions. Weiler bunchers and skidders carry on the heritage of performance left by the 522 and 552 bunchers and D-series skidders, while increasing operator comfort, improving designs, and upgrading to the latest Tier-4 technology. And the Peterson TSK, is the industry’s only Tier-4 final track skidder, built to keep wood moving to the landing no matter how muddy or rugged the terrain is.

Whatever you need to get the job done, you can count on Peterson to deliver, along with the service to keep it all running!


Log Loader/Processors

The industry took notice when the Cat 568 was introduced back in 2011. This machine quickly proved itself as a reliable asset in the Western woods, moving logs in tough ground like no other machine can. Today, the 568 is joined by Cat’s 538, 548, and 558 swing machines, which draw their design and features from the 568’s success. From shovel logging to truck loading to processing, you can depend on Cat 500-series forest machines to improve your productivity, reduce your downtime, and raise the bar on performance for your operation.

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 Cat 558 Processor


Wheeled Skidders

Weiler’s newly introduced S250, S350, S450, and S550 skidders have productivity in their DNA. Featuring powerful Cat engines, reliable powershift transmissions, and locking front and rear differentials for those extra-tough ground conditions, these machines are ready for any challenge. It’s time you upgraded your fleet with a Weiler skidder!

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Weiller-S450 Wheeled Skidder


Tracked Skidders

The one-of-a-kind Peterson-built TSK offers improved stability, increased performance, and reduced engine noise over previous track skidder models. This machine is purpose-built for the woods, and offers excellent ground flotation with available LGP tracks, easy maneuverability, and an independent swing boom and large grapple, perfect for grabbing large timber in difficult to reach spots.

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Peterson TSK Track Skidder


Feller Bunchers

Weiler’s recently released lineup of feller bunchers (the B457 and B458 reduced tailswing machines) will soon make a name for themselves in the woods as long-lasting, high-productivity machines ready to deliver for customers like you.

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 Weiller-B458 Buncher in the Forest


Getting wood to the mill is only half the battle. Peterson also provides a full range of solutions for sorting and stacking timber. And for chips, bark, and other bulk commodities, we offer machines and attachments designed for higher productivity and performance in challenging applications.


Millyard Loaders

Whether you’re unloading full truckloads of logs with a 988K or sorting with 938, 950, 966, 972, 980 or 982, you can count on Cat forestry spec loaders to deliver reliable performance day in, day out. Paired with Cat log handling attachments, these powerful machines represent a complete lineup of tools capable of fulfilling all your mill’s needs.

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Cat Millyard Loader


Woodchip Dozers

Making a mountain? You need a mountain of a machine, namely a Cat D7-D11 dozer fitted with a chip blade. For pushing power, operator comfort, and machine reliability, there is no comparison to a Cat machine!

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Cat Woodchip Dozer


Wheel Dozers and Loaders

Where Cat’s woodchip dozers leave off, our selection of wheel dozers and loaders pick up. Cat wheel dozers combine the strength and performance of the Cat wheel loader lineup with a large capacity blade/scoop capable of lifting dozens of yards of material at a time and positioning it on the pile.

Cat wheel loaders, including many of the models available for millyard usage, are the optimum solution for loading and transferring chips as well. Large capacity buckets, including high dump models, fill trailers with ease, or load conveyor systems and burners. Whatever the use, there’s a Cat forestry machine for the job!

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Cat Wheel Dozer


Custom Fabrication

Need an attachment specific for your application? Peterson’s custom fabrication department has you covered. Since 1936, our company has founded itself on the principle of building what couldn’t be bought before. Our team currently manufactures buckets for excavators, wheel loaders, and other machines, and we look forward to the opportunity of finding solutions to meet your business’s needs.

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Service managers looking at schematics


Machine Rebuilds

Knowing heavy equipment works in some of the toughest conditions on the planet, Caterpillar designed its products with the Built to Be Rebuilt philosophy in mind. This means every component on large machines (dozers, mining shovels, off road trucks, wheel loaders for example) is available for purchase independently, and the machines’ frames are strengthened to withstand the stresses of multiple lifecycles. Given the frame’s integrity at the end of a lifecycle, Peterson technicians disassemble the machine down to this bare frame, then rebuild components like hydraulic pumps and motors, diesel engines, and transmissions/torque converters. The parts are then added back to the machine in a process so high quality Caterpillar recognizes the machine as new from the factory and assigns a new serial number.

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Support Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

Tired of carrying saws, chains, and tools around the forest? Toss them in the bed of a Cat UTV and drive to your destination in style. Offering a standard 2000-pound bed capacity, and 1000-pound tow capacity, Cat UTVs are available with either two or five seats, diesel or gas engines, and top speeds (with gas engines) up to 45 miles per hour. And for more protection from the elements, equip your Cat UTV with an enclosed cab and heater for comfort on the coldest mornings.

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 Cat UTV Forestry Application


Service Trucks

Let Peterson provide you the same quality service trucks we use to take the shop to our own customers’ front door. With the choice of International or Cummins engines and available four-wheel drive, International MV and Durastar service trucks are ready to climb any mountain and tackle the roughest roads. Purchase just the chassis from your local Peterson Trucks dealership or the whole package ready to be stocked with tools and supplies and deployed to the field.

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 International MV Service Truck


From building logging roads to hauling timber to the mill, transporting heavy equipment from site to site, or simply hauling processed materials to end users, the forestry industry relies on commercial trucks to deliver the products needed for the world’s markets. International’s truck lineup offers a range of vehicles fitted to the needs of the forestry industry. From the rugged HX and HV to the fuel efficient LT, customers know they can count on an International truck to get the job done.


Dump Trucks

Putting in rock on a new forest road? The International HX is up to the task. With the industry’s strongest frame rail, engine and suspension from leading brands, the HX is ready for any challenge.

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New Red Dump Truck


Tractors — Heavy Haul

HX models are also perfect for heavy haul applications. With an available 20k front axle and 20k steerable or non-steerable lift axle, the HX is ready for extreme weight on road, and rough forest tracks off-road. Plus, it’s driver-centric cab is designed for maximum comfort that cushions out all the bumps.

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 HX Series Heavy Haul


Tractor — Highway

Woodchips, lumber, and processed logs—if it can be hauled on a trailer, an International can pull it. From the efficient LT with available 70 inch sleeper to the heavy-duty HX designed for on and off-road use, we have a truck for any application.

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LT Series Highway Tractor


Log Trucks

No mention of the International HX would be complete without a summary of its many capabilities as a log truck. Customers are discovering each and every day how this capable truck is built for the challenges, heavy loads, and unforgiving terrain of the Western woods!

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 HX Series Log Truck