Superior Operator Comfort and Premium Features

Cat Mini Excavators offer operator comfort, convenience and safety. All models feature heavy duty main structures, fuel efficient engines, load sensing hydraulics and spacious cabs. Additionally, the Next Gen mini excavator models feature the exclusive Stick Steer system, and optimum value for customers in terms of performance, operator experience, serviceability and affordability.


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What Size Mini Excavator Do I Need?

How to Choose a Mini Excavator

Excavators are versatile machines that come in many sizes and configurations. They are used for digging footings, land clearing, underground utilities, construction, agriculture and much more. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin.


What attachments do you need?

Important Questions

  • What is the work that needs to be done?
  • What is the size, shape and scope of the job site?
  • What work tools/attachments would make your machine more productive? (Rippers for stump removal, grading bucket for digging footings, compactor wheel for laying pipe…)
  • How will you transport the excavator?

Once you know these answers, you can begin specifying the machine. It must be large enough to get the job done, but bigger isn’t necessarily better. How tight is the jobsite? Are there buildings close to one another?

This is when many of our customers decide to consult with a machine sales representative. They are versed in machine application and familiar with the territory. They can show options for new, used, and rental. They can even recommend subcontractors if needed.


Excavator Safety and Ergonomics

  • Line of sight to work tool
  • Backup camera
  • Lights package
  • Service points accessible from ground level
  • Comfort of seat and adjustable armrests
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Advanced features like stick steer and cruise control
  • Open vs enclosed cabs with heat and A/C

Mini Excavator Size Classes

  • Less than one ton
  • One to two tons
  • Over two tons and less than six tons
  • Six to ten tons

Other Excavator Size Classes

  • Small excavators: 11-19 tons
  • Medium excavators: 20-35 tons
  • Large Excavators: 36-90 tons
  • Larger units are typically classified as shovels
CAt 306 Mini Excavator Operator Compartment


Cat Mini Excavators

300.9 Excavator

Less than One Ton Excavators

The 300.9D is the smallest Cat Mini Excavator. It’s compact, easy to use, and versatile. With an overall width of only 2 ft 5 in, a retractable undercarriage, and foldable FOPS, this machine can easily fit through narrow passages and doors, even elevators. The small size of this machine and the range of Cat attachments offered combine with an available auxiliary power package to perform indoor demolition in tight spaces!


302 CR Excavator

1-2 Ton Excavators

Next-Generation 1-2 Ton Cat Mini Excavators provide ultimate jobsite versatility as they adapt to various applications and industries with ease. The new liftable cab provides best-in-class serviceability while stick steer and cruise control deliver a truly unmatched operator experience.


304E2 Excavator

3-6 Ton Excavators

The new High Definition Hydraulic (HDH) System, redesigned operator station and enhanced digital control panel specially designed for Cat Mini Excavators – COMPASS (Complete, Operation, Maintenance, Performance, and Security System) – are all standard features that improve performance and increase value.


309 CR

6-10 Ton Excavators

To develop the Next Generation of Cat Mini Excavators, we focused on the one most important component - you.

It includes multiple industry-first features:

  • Stick steer travel control
  • Cruise control
  • Full color LCD monitor with Bluetooth
  • High flow hydraulics on 309 model



Excavator Undercarriage Options

Job site environments vary greatly – manicured turf, rocky hills, paved surfaces. When possible, you should match the undercarriage to the task and conditions.

  • Rubber belt undercarriages are very popular. They cause less harm to jobsite ground, are more stable and allow for quieter operation.
  • Steel tracks provide very high durability and are well suited for rough terrain, uneven surfaces, and hard rock.
  • Steel track with rubber pads provides both strength and long-lasting durability while avoiding damage to hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.
  • Retractable undercarriages are common across micro excavators, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and narrow entrances. Then they expand for increased stability while working.

Excavator Blade Options

  • Straight blades provide simple functionality, allowing the operator to backfill ditches, stabilize the machine while digging, and smooth rough ground.
  • Angle blades allow for enhanced grading and backfilling ability without the need for a second machine.
  • Blade float makes grading long distances easy. This option allows the operator to keep grade with minimal effort.

Excavator Options and Configurations

In addition to size, there are many options tailor designed for specific applications.

  • Variable angle booms are different than standard or fixed-arch booms. These excavators have increased versatility because they have greater reach and dig depth while being able to crowd material and dig all the way to the blade
  • Long reach excavators have longer sticks and booms. They are especially well suited to dredging and deep excavation.
  • Compact radius and zero tail swing excavators have counterweights that do not extend much or at all past the undercarriage. These machines are ideal in tight spaces, like between buildings. 
  • High flow models have increased hydraulic flow and pressure, necessary for the most powerful worktools.

Cat 301.7 Live Demo!

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301.7 Demo
Streamed Live on Mar 9, 2021

How to Use Grade Control with the Cat 301.7 Mini Excavator

Trimble expert Eric Arritola from SITECH NorCal & SITECH Oregon demonstrates how the Trimble grade rod receiver works in tandem with the Cat 301.7.

0% for 60 Months Financing Available for Cat Compact Machines

Did you know about the big savings from Peterson? For a limited time only, get 0% financing for 60 months on Cat compact machines.

The Cat 301.7 Mini Excavator Can be Towed with a Standard Pickup and Trailer

See how easy it is to transport a Cat 301.7 mini excavator with a standard pickup and trailer.

The Cat 301.7 Mini Excavator Is Small Enough to Fit Down Hallways

Watch as the Cat 301.7 mini excavator maneuvers through narrow hallways and tight corners.

How to Adjust the Undercarriage on a Cat 301.7 Mini Excavator

Learn how you can safely adjust the undercarriage on a Cat 301.7 with just a few simple steps.

Peterson Cat 301.7 Live Walkaround

Peterson Demo Operator Ronnie LaClair and SITECH's Eric Arritola go live to showcase the Cat 301.7.


Machine Specifications


More Demos!

DIRT TIME with Ronnie LaClair

DIRT TIME is an ongoing series of live demonstrations with question and answer sessions.

More Demos

Meet the Crew

Ronnie LaClair

Ronnie has been with Peterson for nine years as a demo operator and instructor.

Meet Ronnie


Eric Arritola

Eric has been with SITECH for seven years and manages the SITECH earthmoving sales team.

Meet Eric


Josh Franklin

Josh started his career with Peterson in 2014 and is the company photographer and social media promoter.

Meet Josh

Mini Excavator Attachments

What is a Mini Excavator?

A mini excavator is compact digging machine with a weight capacity ranging up to 10 tons. Mini-excavators are popular with contractors, landscapers, and land owners for their ease of use, performance, and versatility in tight spaces. Mini-excavators are also easy to transport: even the largest units can be moved with a large pickup and gooseneck trailer.

What Jobs are good for Mini Excavators?

Mini-excavators reduce the need for post hole diggers, shovels, and wheel barrows, allowing you to get more work done in less time, and with a reduced risk of back and shoulder injury. From digging holes to trenching for electrical, gas, water, or sewer lines, to tearing down walls or old buildings, landscaping, and digging room for foundations, swimming pools, or ponds, a mini-excavator is the closest thing there is a hydraulic multi tool!

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Augers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Augers

Our augers offer different speed and torque options for work in a variety of soils. We’ve engineered their speed to extract soil efficiently and their torque to prevent stalling in dense ground. Select from a range of auger bits.

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Excavator Inventory



Attachment Model Machine Model Drive Shaft Torque* Drive Method
A7B 301.4-302.7 815 lb ft Direct Drive
A14B 302.2-304 1700 lb ft Direct Drive
A19B 303-305.5 3037 lb ft Single Planetary
A26B 303-305.5 3037 lb ft Single Planetary
*at maximum pressure


Buckets for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Buckets

The shape of our buckets improves digging, loading and material retention. Compared to most competition, we have more capacity per every inch of width. And each is made of high-strength, tempered steel. Select from a range of bucket teeth.

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Attachment Model Machine Model Width Range Capacity Range
Digging 300.9-302.7 9-28 in 0.018-0.145 yd³
Ditch Cleaning All 28-63 in 0.035-0.55 yd³
Tilting Ditch Cleaning 301.4-305.5 40-63 in 0.071-0.366 yd³
Heavy Duty 303-308 12-36 in 0.065-0.51 yd³
Heavy Duty Capacity 305 & 305.5 12-36 in 0.107-0.392 yd³
Heavy Duty Rock 307 & 308 24-30 in 0.30-0.405 yd³
Mud/Grading All 39-59 in 0.12-0.68 yd³


Compaction Wheels for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Compaction Wheels

Cat Compaction Wheels provide a low cost option for trench compaction. The wheels feature tapered roller bearings and tampered foot design with static pad rollers, to allow for smooth operation and achieving a high level of compaction. Six to ten passes are usually adequate to achieve compaction in normal soil conditions, dependent on the required compaction levels.

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Machine Models Weight Width
301.4-301.7 342-569 lbs 11-22 in
302.2-302.7 354-583 lbs 11-22 in
303-304 357-586 lbs 11-22 in
305-305.5 374-601 lbs 11-22 in
301.4-305.5 389-622 lbs 11-22 in
307-308 915-1945 lbs 11-35 in


Couplers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Attachments

Our Dual Lock Pin Grabber Couplers allow operators to change attachments in seconds, increasing job efficiency and enabling one machine to do multiple tasks. We offer two, easy-to-use options: hydraulic (controlled from the cab) and mechanical. And all Cat models include primary and secondary locking systems to ensure what you put on your machine, stays on.

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Attachment Models Machine Models Weight
Mechanical Dual Lock™ Coupler 301.4-308 32-195 lbs
Hydraulic Dual Lock™ Coupler 303, 308 90-205 lbs
Hydraulic Dual Lock™ Tilt Coupler 305-308 245-436 lbs


Flail Mowers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Flail Mowers

Cat Flail Mowers are designed for high performance cutting of vegetation, saplings, and undergrowth from overgrown agricultural areas, retention ponds, and forested terrain. The hydraulic flail mowers reduce weeds, saplings, shrubs and small trees into mulched material, making them ideal for environmental maintenance applications, such as mowing along ditches, fence rows and retention ponds, controlling overgrowth, and cleaning up high banks and slopes.

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Model Machine Models* Overall
Swinging Teeth
Per Drum
HMF110 305, 305.5 47 in 40 in 16
HMF210 308 47 in 40 in 16
*Requires a drain kit and guarding on machine


Hammers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Hammers

Our hammers were designed for hard hits, reducing rock and concrete materials. Each features an automatic shutoff and buffering system to reduce machine vibrations. And some of our hammers are fully enclosed to suppress noise.

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Attachment Models Machine Models Operating Weight* Impact Frequency** Tool Diameter
H25D 300.9 154 lbs 1000-1900 1.42 in
H35E, H35Es 301.4-302.4 276-287 lbs 600-1800 1.57 in
H45E, H45Es 301.4-302.7 320-551 lbs 780-1800 1.97 in
H55E 302.7-305.5 485-695 lbs 600-1680 2.28 in
H55E 302.7-305.5 551-750 lbs 600-1680 2.28 in
H55Es 302.7-305.5 573-761 lbs 600-1680 2.28 in
H65E 303-305.5 573-783 lbs 720-1740 2.68 in
H65E 305-308 673-838 lbs 720-1740 2.68 in
H65Es 305-308 695-860 lbs 720-1740 2.68 in
H75Es 307-308 1058-1103 lbs 840-1650 2.93 in
H95Es 307-308 1323-1610 lbs 700-1260 3.44 in
*Operating weight includes hammer, standard tool and mounting bracket. **Beats per minute. †Pin-on Model


Mulchers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Mulchers

Cat Mulchers are designed for high performance cutting and mulching of vegetation, saplings, and undergrowth from overgrown agricultural areas and forested terrain. The hydraulic mulchers reduce saplings, shrubs and trees into mulched material, making it ideal for environmental maintenance, such as brush clearing and creating fire lanes. Other applications include: reclaiming untilled land, removing foliage from building construction sites and shredding pruned material and organic waste for biomass production.

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Model Machine Models Overall Weight Working Width Fixed Teeth Per Drum
HM208 308 40 in 32 in 15
HM210 308 48 in 40 in 18


Rippers for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Rippers

Built to cut through dense dirt, loosen rocky soil and break below the frost layer, Cat rippers are taking on some of the most challenging ground conditions. And because they’re made for specific Cat models, they can better transfer machine power into ripping power.

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Shank Length Machine Models Width Height Tip Radius Weight
19 in 303-304 9.1 in 25.9 in 26 in 99 lb
27 in 305-306 10.7 in 32.4 in 32 in 134 lb
34 in 307-309 13.6 in 42.2 in 41 in 235 lb


Shears for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Shears

Our shears rotate 360 degrees for rapid repositioning and are designed with a straight, lower jaw to improve the cutting force.

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Model Machine Models Throat Force Weight* Jaw Opening Jaw Depth
S305 304, 308 1812 kN 1,340 lb 9.4 in 11.4 in


Vibratory Plate Compactors for Mini Excavators

New, Used, and Rental Plate Compactors

Cover more ground with our vibratory plate compactor’s large surface and pack soil faster with its high-power pulses. We’ve even built in flexible isolators to guard against excessive vibrations.

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Model Machine Models Impulse Force Cycles Per Minute Base Plate Width
CVP16 302.7-305.5 16 kN 2200 12 in
CVP40 307, 308 40 kN 2200 23 in


1-2 Ton Cat® Mini Excavators at a Glance


See the versatility of the new 1-2 ton Cat mini excavators in action as they adapt to various applications and industries with ease. Plus, the newest features provide best in class serviceability and the ultimate operator experience.

7-10 Ton Cat® Mini Excavators at a Glance


Watch as the new 7-10 ton Cat mini excavators deliver class-leading performance in various applications. Because you need a machine that can do it all, with industry-first features to back it up.

Cat Excavators for Rent

Mini Excavators, Large Excavators and Attachments

Whether you’re laying sprinkler pipe or building a pipeline, preparing to pour a foundation, or relocating large quantities of earth, the excavator is many contractors’ first choice of machine. At Peterson the Cat Rental Store, we carry a wide selection of excavators and an equally impressive lineup of worktools to help you get the job done.

From micro excavators for interior demolition or yard maintenance to large excavators for land clearing, we have you covered. Count on our team to deliver you the right machine for the job at a price you can afford!

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Cat Mini Excavators on a Jobsite

Micro and Mini Excavators

Small, easy-to-transport, and built to deliver maximum performance, Cat mini-excavators are the perfect machine for everything from DIY home improvement projects to landscaping and general contracting too. And the Cat Rental Store offers a full lineup of attachments for everything from post hole digging to trenching. We have the right machine for any project!

Models 300.9 – 305.5
Operating Weight 2,061 – 11,958 lb
Machine Width 28 – 78 in
Net Power 13 – 44 hp
Lift Capacity 600 – 3,042 lb



Cat Medium Excavator working in Hillsboro Oregon

Small, Medium, and Large Excavators

Cat small, medium, and large excavators pick up where our mini-excavators leave off. From heavy civil earthworks to land reclamation and mining, we have the machines for large scale projects too. And when precision is key, put Cat’s next generation 320 and 323, featuring standard 2D grade control, eFence, and Payload measurement, to work on your site!

Models 307 – 349
Operating Weight 16,028 – 117,500 lb
Machine Width 90 – 137 in
Net Power 50 – 396 hp
Lift Capacity 7,849 – 43,500 lb

*Bio and GPS units available



Cat multi processor

Mini Excavator Worktools and Attachments

  • Compactor Wheels
  • Vibratory Trench Compactors
  • Hydraulic Hammers/Breakers
  • Specialized Buckets

Small and Medium Worktools and Attachments

  • Compactor Wheels
  • Vibratory Trench Compactors
  • Hydraulic Hammers/Breakers
  • Specialized Buckets
  • Rakes
  • Multi Processors
  • Jaw Concrete Shears
  • Jaw Tank Shears