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Contractor excels in urban renovation projects

Mike Bauman, Owner, Bauman Landscape & Construction, Inc.

When Mike Bauman and his wife started their company nearly 40 years ago doing backyard landscaping, they never envisioned they would be doing $25 million a year in cityscape projects for the city of San Francisco.

“We bought our first tractor from Peterson back in 1980, and today we own 22 pieces of equipment—and they’re all Cat® machines,” says Bauman, owner of Bauman Landscape & Construction, Inc.

It takes skilled craftsmen to do the challenging governmental work and Bauman’s crews, comprised of more than 60 workers, are well-suited for that. The skill level and attention to detail required gives them an advantage over the competition.

The bulk of Bauman’s work consists of park renovation and urban street repair. Bauman has totally renovated 15 San Francisco city parks over the last three years alone. They completely demolished the existing parks and then renovated and rebuilt them.

Integrity is a hallmark of Bauman Landscape. The contractor is there when they say they will be, and the company stands behind its work.

Versatile machines

Because Bauman often works on confined, high-traffic urban jobsites, he prefers operating the smaller, more versatile, yet powerful rubber track compact and small Cat machines such as 305 and 308 Mini Excavators. He also owns 10 Cat 299 Compact Track Loaders.

“The high-flow hydraulics enable us to use a lot of different attachments on them such as drills and demolition hammers,” Bauman says. “The four-in-one buckets on the CTLs are great for grading in the parks, removing debris and truck loading. And they’re very versatile—they’re just great pieces of equipment.

“We can use the rubber tracks almost anywhere and we don’t damage the curbs or the street surfaces,” he adds. “And they’re quiet too, which is a nice plus in these urban neighborhoods.”

Fleet management

“Our fleet is all Cat machines because of the equipment reliability, the resale value of the equipment, and our relationship with the Peterson Cat,” Bauman says.

“They’re like part of our team,” Bauman says. “I know that Peterson will make sure that we’re successful, and that’s a great partner to have in business. If something goes down, they’ll give us a loaner. If something needs to be repaired, they’ll come out and take care of it right away.

“I think the service and also the reliability of the equipment are what’s most important for us,” he says.

Dealer support

Bauman has a Customer Support Agreement with Peterson to service equipment, which involves visiting their jobsites to inspect machines and perform oil changes. Peterson technicians check all the buckets and other wear items and perform regular maintenance.

“Peterson’s great,” Bauman says. “They have supported us through the hard times and all the good times. We’ve bought every piece of equipment through Peterson, and we’ve owned a wide range of equipment from pavers to 988 Wheel Loaders down to all the smaller equipment here that works well in these tight urban environments.

“If there has been a problem, they’re right there to take care of it,” he says. “I can’t say enough about our relationship with Peterson. They really care about their customers. It has been really, really good.”

“I think the service and also the reliability of the equipment is what’s most important for us.”