New, Used, and Rental Rakes

Cat rakes come in a range of land-clearing options. Our landscape and power box options use hardened teeth to pulverize, aerate, level and condition soil. The landscape rake collects debris in a hopper and the power box rakes at an angle, windrowing debris for easy cleanup. With upper and lower tines, and an open-bottom design, our industrial grapple rake gathers bigger materials.

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Industrial Grapple Rake Specifications
Width Weight Jaw Opening
72 in 1070 lb 37 in
84 in 1115 lb 37 in

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Landscape Rake Specifications
Model Working Width Bucket Capacity
LR15B 62 in 0.39 yd3
LR18B 74 in 0.44 yd3

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Power Box Rake Specifications
Model Drum Width Max Angling (right or left)
PR172 72 in 20°
PR184 84 in 20°
PR190 90 in 20°

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