The Equipment You Need for the Job at Hand

From paving cul-de-sacs to clearing land for new home foundations, the equipment needs of the general contractor vary widely from day to day.

Heavy Construction

Tough Equipment for Tough Jobsites

Whether you’re repaving a highway or developing an industrial complex, Peterson sells the construction machines you need. The Cat lineup of construction machines is unmatched in the industry for its breadth of available options, and Peterson’s team is committed to finding the perfect machine for you.

Waste Management

Cat Machines for the Industrial Waste Industry

Whether you’re processing household trash, waste lumber, compost, or scrap metal, Cat offers a comprehensive lineup of specialized machines and attachments designed to cope with the challenges specific to the waste and recycling industries.

Scrap & Demolition

Tough Machines for Rugged Jobsites

Whether you’re breaking concrete on a derelict overpass or demolishing an industrial complex, you can depend on Cat demolition equipment to withstand the abuses of your environment and deliver safety, performance, and reliability all day, every day.

Paving & Compaction

Construction Equipment for the Road

When you’re building new roads, doing the job right the first time is your main priority. Cat paving equipment makes accomplishing that goal simply easier.


Landscaping Equipment Designed for the Professional Contractor

Whether you’re doing residential or commercial landscaping, the days of wheelbarrows and shovels are behind us.


Solutions for Public Service

From building fire lines with an LGP dozer to removing snow from local roads with a motorgrader, Cat machines are designed to meet your agency’s needs.