Construction Equipment for the Road

When you’re building new roads, doing the job right the first time is your main priority. Cat paving equipment makes accomplishing that goal simply easier. Cat paving machines employ the latest in construction technology—advancements like intelligent compaction and grade control—to deliver a quality finished product that is smoother, accurate to small percentages of an inch, and ultimately longer-lasting.

From roadbed preparation to final asphalt compaction, Caterpillar has a machine for every phase of the roadbuilding process. Cat asphalt pavers are available with paving widths from two to nearly 25 feet, enabling you to pave everything from walking paths to interstate highways, racetracks, or runways. And Cat’s expansive lineup of vibratory and pneumatic rollers is equally capable, with models ranging in weight from 3,200 to 59,000 pounds and widths from 35 to 84 inches.

Peterson is also your local Weiler Equipment dealer, offering specialty products from their product line including remixing transfer vehicles and windrow elevators. Peterson also sells Weiler commercial pavers, and Weiler screeds for Cat paving machines.