How to Extend the Life of an Undercarriage

The most expensive part on a tracked dozer or excavator is the undercarriage, representing 50% of the machine’s owning and operating costs. Proper use of the machine can extend the life of the undercarriage.


Side-hill operation can accelerate wear on the links on one side when overused.

Avoid unnecessary reverse operation. It wears the bushings and sprockets.

Check the track alignment. When tracks are not properly aligned it can cause component wear.

Minimize sharp turns and counter rotations, as these maneuvers stress the tracks from brake use on one side or the other.

Slipping the track can cause premature wear on components and the track itself. It also reduces production and increases fuel consumption.

Keep the right track tension. Adjust and test the track tension as needed. Tight tracks can increase wear on bushings, sprockets, links and idlers. Too tight of tracks can increase wear and strain.

Choose the right shoes for the job. Using the wrong shoe width can increase wear and strain on links, pins, and bushings.

Keep the undercarriage clean. Materials and debris can build up, especially in certain climates and depending on what type of material the machine is working in.

Avoid high speed tracking, as it elevates track temperatures too high and causes premature wear.

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