Manual Dual Lock™ Pin Grabber Coupler For 3-4 Ton Mini Excavators



Cat® Dual Lock Pin Grabber Couplers allow work tools to be changed quickly - improving overall production and increasing machine versatility.
81.60 lb
37.00 kg
10.60 in
269.00 mm
16.90 in
429.00 mm
Overall Height
8.70 in
221.00 mm
Pin Diameter
1.60 in
40.00 mm
Machine Class
3-4 Ton Mini Excavators
Interface Type
Pin On
Required Hydraulics
None Required

Manual Cylinder Lock

Manual cylinder lock maintains positive pressure on bucket pin, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection to your attachment.

Secondary Lock

The secondary lock is independent of the cylinder and ensures the connection of the attachment to the machine.

Included Adjustment Wrench

The included ratcheting wrench is used to tighten the coupler onto your attachment to maintain a positive lock.

Cylinder Lock Adjustment

Rotate nut to engage/disengage cylinder lock

Secondary Lock Adjustment

Down-Disengage. Up-Engage.